Who are we?

Unimet Online is an online educational training platform, aimed at Spanish speakers in Latin American and the Caribbean, where higher education institutions offer quality courses for the academic, professional and personal development of its users.

Unimet Online is formed by a team of high-rank professors of the region and from each of the areas of knowledge offered in our courses.

Unimet Online has networks of support units in different areas:

  • Academic
  • Technological
  • Instructional design

Unimet Online guarantees free, quality courses in association with other higher education institutions.

How do we teach?

Unimet Online is based on the advanced, innovative educational model of Metropolitan University. The model implements both the student-centered learning approach and the competency-based training, promotes constant interaction and uses technological tools that have a direct impact on meaningful learning.

Why learning online?

  • Personalized education wherever you are and at your own time and pace.
  • Pedagogical innovation.
  • Dynamic, less hassle and more learning.
  • Teacher support and accompaniment.
  • Interaction with your classmates.
  • Resources available online.
  • Saving money.

Corporate Unimet

Unimet Online will contribute to the training of your collaborators through personalized online courses, which aim at developing the skills required in the organization, company or industry, optimize productivity and specific job requirements, and improve operational efficiency.

Through Unimet Online, your collaborators will be able to:

  • Obtain a certificate from a recognized university such as Metropolitan University.
  • Use an educational tool on their PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Grow professionally and improve their academic and professional development.
  • Organize time and place by adjusting class schedules to their convenience and possibilities.
  • Finally break down geographical barriers, with the certainty that classes will accompany you wherever you are.

Other benefits of Unimet online are:

  • Establishing a new and solid bond between learners and their teachers.

Creating educational communities in which interaction is key for content enrichment.


For more information about our courses, click here (in Spanish).

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