Strategic Plan

The Metropolitan University guides its performance through six strategic lines of action that are part of two main guidelines, Visibility and Linkage, with the purpose of ensuring the feasibility and development of the institution for the following years.

Visibility to be recognized as valid interlocutors in the exercise of our functions, and linkage to seek the best alliances to achieve the pursued objectives. Visibility as significant actors of the social changes we urgently need in our transition towards a productive society, and linkage to incorporate the best efforts to materialize it. Visibility as meeting point of diverse disciplines and currents of thought, and linkage to attract the best talent. Visibility in the approach of the severest problems that affect our society, and linkage to contribute by introducing solutions. Visibility and linkage for an academic activity of impact; for capacity building; for academic and professional education, training and continuing education; for the resolution of the most important problems; for personal and collective growth; for production, equity, justice and the best performance of our society.

Strategic lines

Defining the strategy

2020 -2025

A set of strategies have been proposed for the 2020-2025 period with the purpose of giving continuity to the strategic plan for the achievement of the institution’s objectives.


Transform Unimet into a resilient and sustainable engine of development in Venezuelan society, through accessible world-class education to train leaders, research aimed at solving the most relevant problems in Venezuela, and strengthening of alliances with the private sector in order to increase its impact in society.

Strategic Pillars

  • Increase tuition revenue through initiatives that can optimize and improve the academic catalog.
  • Position Unimet as an engine of development in Venezuela, improving all research processes and outcomes in areas where the university has competitive advantage.
  • Strengthen the link between the university and the private sector in order to generate new revenue sources of income and support business recovery.

Strategic Enablers

  • Strengthen university governance by defining and aligning roles and responsibilities, and establishing clear coordination and control strategies.
  • Reinforce the Office of the Vice President for Development through a clear management and role within the university that can improve the management of allies and maximize revenues.
  • Create a Transformation Office with a clear focus on results and culture of execution in order to boost the implementation of strategic initiatives.

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