Strategic Plan

The Metropolitan University guides its performance through six strategic lines of action that are part of two main guidelines, Visibility and Linkage, with the purpose of ensuring the feasibility and development of the institution for the following years. 

Visibility to be recognized as valid interlocutors in the exercise of our functions, and linkage to seek the best alliances to achieve the pursued objectives. Visibility as significant actors of the social changes we urgently need in our transition towards a productive society, and linkage to incorporate the best efforts to materialize it. Visibility as meeting point of diverse disciplines and currents of thought, and linkage to call the best talents. Visibility in the approach of the severest problems that affect our society, and linkage to contribute by introducing solutions. Visibility and linkage for an academic activity of impact; for capacity building; for academic and professional education, training and continuing education; for the resolution of the most important problems; for personal and collective growth; for production, equity, justice and the best performance of our society.

Strategic lines

1. The university as a cutting-edge institution: We must provide quality academic services and create an environment that gives students freedom and opportunities to organize and advance in their studies. This within the concept of continuing education: centered on the student, based on values, and oriented towards learning and entrepreneurship. To this end, we need to encourage and promote innovative research and intellectual creation activities, linked to the needs of the country; promote distance-learning programs that make use of information and communication technologies; increase our graduate programs, including the opening of doctoral programs, as well as continuing education, and extension, through virtual educational technologies.

2. University with recognized academic activity: The quality of the university is measured by the level of activity, and performance, of its faculty, students and alumni. By a teaching body of the highest level, motivated for constant academic improvement, and with permanent drive for research and intellectual activities, seeking financing for its sustainability in the short and medium term. By faculty and student exchange, and cooperation in research and postgraduate through agreements and alliances. By policies and means of communication that keep the community permanently informed on the development guidelines of the university, the bases for its sustainability, and its strategic plan, policies, university activity and what happens on a daily basis. By internal and external evaluation processes that become mechanisms for the continuous improvement of the university and its accreditation by international organizations.

3. Enterprising university: In this university, we have assumed the responsibility of encouraging responsible initiative, innovation and entrepreneurship. We must then set the example by identifying restrictions, take advantage of opportunities and innovating all areas of university work. In addition, we must recognize the value of entrepreneurship, incorporate it in the education of our students, make it part of research and intellectual creation activities, and extend it to the area of influence of the university through value proposals, making of enterprising activities a source of resources that contribute to the sustainability of the university.

4. Financial balance and assurance of viability: We have to guarantee the economic viability of the university, on the long term, by increasing productivity in accordance with our mission and vision. We need to increase and diversify our sources of income, in order to ensure financial balance and reduce our dependence on undergraduate tuition. It is imperative to seek scholarship sponsorships and establish innovative financing options in order to increase the number and quality of undergraduate, postgraduate and extension students. We must make viable the access of people from all sectors of society, with aptitudes and potential for academic achievement. We must define policies, regulations, and rules, to facilitate the organization of academic units with admission centers. This, with the purpose of developing technical services, consultancy, research, and enterprising initiatives and development, which represent productive activities with monetary compensation. We will facilitate management by adopting a system of indicators to control and monitor the performance of each organizational unit of the university.

5. Functionality of the university government: For the active and coherent development of the institution, we need the most efficient cooperation with the Metropolitan University Foundation (FUNDAMET) and the best communication between the authorities, the Academic and Superior Councils, the academic and administrative management units, the Federation of Student Centers, and guild representation organizations. All of this together with the active commitment of community members to the institutional performance. The organizational structures and the staff competencies profiles must be established in accordance with the required functions. We must also have a consolidated comprehensive management system in order to have a global vision that allows us to better understand our strengths and weaknesses, with policies for the academic and administrative staff that include education and training plans, as well as work conditions that connect the community to the institutional mission, vision and values. This as basis for the development of an enterprising and responsible university.

6. University social responsibility: Finally, we need to develop and promote, through the participation of the Unimetan community and its environment, the socially responsible university capable of managing —–ethically and intelligently— the epistemic, educational, environmental and social impact that we generate with our activity. We must strengthen the guiding values in the institution and progress towards a culture of social responsibility that promotes human development and facilitates the effective linkage between the university and its environment. Linking the university with national and international social agents to coordinate academic and service activities in order to generate social capital, overcome social and economic restrictions and weaknesses, and strengthen the university. Promoting within the community civic commitment, pluralism, freedom and participation in the search for common good.

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