Sports Directorate

Unimet’s Sports Directorate is in charge of coordinating the practice of sports in the different spaces of the campus, either by integrating students to any of the university’s 14 highly competitive athletic teams, or through the loan of fields and courts to the Unimetan community (students, teachers and administrative staff). The department is also responsible for the organization of internal championships. For example, interschool tournaments, held every two years, and tournaments between the various foundations that have the support of the Mendoza family, such as the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital, Fundamet, among others.

Additionally, the department centralizes the teaching of sports as elective academic courses, which can be registered by all Unimetans who wish to complement their professional education with the regular practice of a discipline. For these courses, the university loans the necessary spaces, as well as balls, nets, and other equipment that are part of the dynamics of the chosen discipline.

Students interested in joining a highly competitive sports team, and representing Unimet in external tournaments, are equally welcome and will benefit from credit accumulation, a quarterly grade that will affect their GPA, as well as the provision of necessary equipment. Up to March 2013, 210 students were part of the different athletic delegations in our institution.

The spaces under the care of the Sports Directorate can be requested as a loan at the department. In the case of people external to the Unimetan community, the request can be submitted directly to the City of Sports.

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