Bioethics and Law Observatory of Unimet (OBDU)

 The Bioethics and Law Observatory of Unimet (OBDU) is a research center that seeks to provide arguments that promote a social debate based on secularism, people’s autonomy and respect for human rights, with the purpose of contributing to the build of a more plural and democratic society.

We began our activities in July of 2015 under the tutelage and encouragement of Professor Humberto Njaim, then Dean of the Faculty of Political and Legal Studies, to which we are attached. The Observatory is comprised by our director, Angélica Calzadilla Rodríguez, professor of the School of Law and Master in Bioethics and Law (University of Barcelona), and students who serve as research assistants in different areas.



Objectives of OBDU

  1. Research: To work as a research unit on Bioethics and Law-related problems in Venezuela, with an interdisciplinary vision that aims at integrating professionals of different areas, and always from a secular approach to guarantee the plurality we wish to bring to society.
  2. Training: Aimed at those members of the Unimetan community, and from other universities, who are interested in Bioethics as a line of research or continuing education. This way, we seek to promote public debates on the different topics related to Bioethics, and present them through theses, seminars, forums and publications.
  3. Knowledge transfer with other institutions and organizations that dedicate their work to Bioethics:  We seek to establish ties with academic groups from other universities, research organizations and Bioethics Committees from universities, health institutions and NGOs.

Our work is based on:

  • Research activities and debate promotion:
    • Preparation of bulletins of national and international news.
    • Events, seminars or forums with guest speakers.
    • Cinema-forums.
    • Assistance in thesis on Bioethics.
  • Preparation of reports on the status of Bioethics-related topics (national and international).
  • Presentation of micro-researches in social media.

We currently work under the following lines of research:

  • Voluntary termination of pregnancy
  • Euthanasia, assisted suicide and refusal of treatment
  • HIV/AIDS and other STDs
  • Organ and tissue transplantation
  • Research and experimentation
  • Assisted reproduction and surrogacy
  • Eugenics and human improvement
  • Genetic technologies
  • Bioethics and mental health
  • Bioethics and disability
  • Bioethics and public health
  • Bioethics and gender
  • Animals, ecology and environment
  • Bioethics and cinema
  • Robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence)
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