The Metropolitan University founders visualized the need of having a collegiate body in order to maintain the financial stability of the university, relying the teaching and operational parts upon the authorities of this university.

In accordance with this vision, the Metropolitan University Foundation (FUNDAMET) was created on June 19, 1970 with the mission of contributing to the development, endowment and financing of UNIMET and its activities. In 1971, the succession Pius Schlageter and Mr. Néstor Moreno Paredes donated a 100-hectares land to FUNDAMET, located in La Urbina Norte (today Terrazas del Ávila), for the construction of the final headquarters of the Metropolitan University. In the following years, this organization dedicated his efforts to the development of the new university campus.

Since its creation, the work of FUNDAMET has focused on the provision of infrastructure and the development of the Rental Center (CENTROMET), main source of its income, with which FUNDAMET contributes every day, mainly, with the strengthening of the physical plant of the Metropolitan University. In addition, through active participation in the Superior Council of this institution, FUNDAMET intervenes by providing ideas and programs that make the university dynamic and prepare it to maintain its relevance and take on the challenges that may arise.

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