The Jose Abdala Academic Foundation (FAJA) was created in 1993 with the purpose of acquiring and managing resources allocated to the academic development of the Metropolitan University. By doing this, our institution will be meeting the financing needs for projects, research requirements, equipment, and general academic purposes. In addition, it will help improve the conditions of the academic staff, and the students, through the financing of scholarship programs and education credits for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and continuing education.

In addition, the Foundation will design, coordinate, execute and fund —with third-party contributions— the plans, programs and projects that foster and develop scientific, technological, and innovative knowledge, and that contribute to the economic and social development of the country.

Any natural or legal person that may wish to contribute to the Universidad Metropolitana can get in touch with us through this email: vpdesarrollo@unimet.edu.ve.


Development Vice Presidency


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