Code of Ethics

The members of the Superior Council, the authorities, the students, the professors, the administrative staff, and the alumna are firmly committed with the mission, vision, and governing values of Unimet, and we are aware that the actions that we undertake as members of this university community have direct and indirect consequences in the lives of other people and institutions. Therefore, we assume the responsibility of adhering to and promoting that others comply with what we specify hereunder:

  • Respect for the human being, his or her honest work, and the results of his or her effort, directs this code and bases its commitment with the members of this community. This supports the recognition of diversity as a treasure of society and guides the actions directed to the full inclusion of the individuals to social life and the integration of the communities.
  • Individual performance of the members of the community is linked to truth, goodwill, solidarity, and reciprocity.
  • Dedication to service is present in every action assumed by the members of the community.
  • The members of the Unimet community try to maintain coherence between what they say and what they do.
  • Every member of the community assumes the task assigned and does it diligently, trying his or her best to achieve it effectively, swiftly, and inexpensively.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship are promoted and supported by the institution, with the intension of generating and consolidating sustainable development processes.
  • The ideas of others are well received, valued, and discussed trying to achieve the goals that the institution may have defined.
  • Constructive and respectful criticism is acceptable, especially when it is accompanied by alternative ideas with the support to carry them out.
  • All achievements, the product of individual effort and of collaborative work, are recognized. The common good is present to reach the individual good.
  • The relations between the members of the community are characterized by courtesy and respect, norms needed for a harmonious coexistence, in tune with the edification of a culture of appreciation.
  • The members of the community are discreet about institutional or private affairs; they respect confidentiality and manage adequately the information, deciding on each occasion the recipient and the proper channels of communication for the situation at hand.
  • Due respect for other living creatures is also a principal of our behavior; we aim at eco-efficiency in the use of natural resources and the creation of positive environmental impact.
  • Use and care for the areas, the equipment, and the property of the University is present in everyday life. Likewise, there is respect for the areas for study and work, showing proper social behavior and care for personal appearance.
  • Fraud in all its forms, including disregard of the authorship of others, plagiarism, and the misappropriation of ideas, is unacceptable, and thus pointed out, exposed, and sanctioned.

The members of the community sternly express their commitment to complying with the precepts of this Code, with the purpose to continue deepening the construction of a more harmonious institutional context with the possibility of contributing more significantly to society.

Non-compliance with the Code of Ethics will be grounds for sanctions contemplated in the regulations of Unimet, without undermining the provisions in the Law of Universities, the Organic Education Law, and the Organic Labor Law.

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