Childhood and Family Research Center

The Childhood and Family Research Center (CENDIF), founded by Dr. Carlos J. Leighton, began its activities on March 20, 1984. The center emerges as response to the living situation of Venezuelan children, which requires programs that contribute to improve their quality of life. These programs focus on the educational and environmental stimuli that influence the growth and development of children and adolescents.

The CENDIF team has worked on various aspects of human development, with parent-child relationships, preschool and comprehensive care programs for disadvantaged children and families, among others. Also, the center has received financial aid through subsidies from national and international institutions such as the van Leer Foundation (Netherlands), Ministry of Popular Power for Education (Venezuela), National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICIT-Venezuela), the British Council and the British government.

Currently, CENDIF has undergraduate and postgraduate research facilities, data processing and reproduction equipment, and a small documentation center with approximately 2000 documents focused on Latin America. Also, it welcomes interns from the Metropolitan University, the Central University of Venezuela, and thesis students from other higher education institutions.


+58 (0212)-240.34.63 / 240.34.64

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