Its location in the foothills of El Ávila, gives the Metropolitan University a privileged space.

The institution has spacious and comfortable facilities that facilitate the development of academic activities and, as part of the appropriate physical environment for learning, the university has four modules of classrooms, a service building, the Corimon laboratory building and the Eugenio Mendoza Goiticoa building.

On the campus of the Metropolitan University, there are also the Center for Extension, Executive Development and Organizational Consulting (CENDECO), the Pedro Grases Library, the Arturo Uslar Pietri Center for Latin American Studies (CELAUP), and the auditoria Manoa, Julio Sosa Rodríguez, Francesca Pensieri and Polar Foundation. The Luisa Rodríguez de Mendoza assembly hall is also part of the available amphitheaters for academic and cultural activities at Unimet. The exhibition and meeting rooms complement the spaces of this institution.

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