• Academic Model

Academic Model

Unimet has achieved to establish its own academic model, which objective is to prepare graduates with a comprehensive education, relevant professional competencies, management and enterprising skills, and commitment to local and global environment. The model is under constant revision and adjustment, and its strength is based on the institution’s ability to adapt to the challenges posed by the transformation process towards a knowledge society.

The Unimet educational model is oriented towards fulfilling the mission of the university, which fundamental aspects are a solid comprehensive education, development of leadership and enterprising skills, command of the English language, linkage and commitment to society, and relation with the productive sector.

Considering the aforementioned conceptual bases, and the particular challenges of the Venezuelan reality, those responsible for the academic management of the university have established the premises on which the educational model is based on. Also, the model is implemented through the development of four educational areas (Four pillars of learning in the 21st Century. Delors Report, UNESCO, 1998):

  • Learning to be: Areas of general and common basic education.
  • Learning to live together: Area of social development (through social practices).
  • Learning to do: Area of competency and enterprising skills development.
  • Learning to know: Area of knowledge building.

Key elements

In summary, the Academic Model of Unimet is characterized by being based on an educational process focused on student learning and the collaborative work between teachers and students. Also, it is distributed through different media and spaces, and aims at developing competencies, these understood as a set of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values.

In this model, students are responsible for their own learning, must be willing to work in a collaborative setting and participate in activities aimed at developing an entrepreneurial attitude.

In its implementation, teachers design and facilitate the educational process, act as promoters of learning, and train in the use of modern and effective educational resources.

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